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Quotes and billing can be a nightmare.  Have you ever spent hours on a quote for a ‘browsing’ customer who has never returned to pay off your hard work? Are you lost in figures sketched on scraps of paper? As prices change and your product range increases, do you find yourself sinking behind your competitors?

Every business has had too many headaches whist trying to calculate never ending sums.

Let Kwikcost do the work for you with Kwikcost!  Catering for even the smallest family run business, Kwikcost is our flexible modular software package that prepares invoices and quotes in seconds. Unique and versatile, Kwikcost prepares professional quotes and orders in seconds, delivering instant results with its powerful data management function.

With Kwikcost, quote building is a dream. Potential customers are satisfied with a quick turnaround on enquiries Kwikcost can make life so much easier. With a user-friendly format, you will never be lost with Kwikcost. Buying Kwikcost brings endless benefits for businesses of all shapes and sizes.