The truth of the matter is that while we just want to know what you need,
you aren’t going to feel comfortable until you find out a little more about
us. Just like your customer wants to know more about your professional
business, you need to start your relationship with KwikCost with a good
understanding of where we’re coming from.

And how we can help you.

With programming and printing experience, we at KwikCost have the experience
to build software that can meet your individual needs. While we have the
technical experience to create software that’s easy to use as well as easy
to teach to others, it’s really about how the software works for you.

And we understand that.

We at KwikCost have created a simple, but effective program that both
manages your business as well as provides estimating tools that will keep
your business competitive and productive.

It’s so simple that your staff can be trained in a day or so – no kidding.

Lighten your load

We don’t want to burden you with lots of technical jargon that only gets in
the way of how you run YOUR business, so we make sure to take the time to
interact with you in order to make you happy.

No longer will you be spending time in the back office, hiding from your
customers because you have to fill out this form and that form, checking and
double checking your estimates and trying to find their previous invoices.

We know that typing in the information once and only once is the best way to
get the work started for your customers – they don’t want to pay for the
time that you spend in the office; they want to see results.

It’s almost too easy

With KwikCost, you can track your invoices, bill your clients, email them
estimates, and even log in your own payroll hours all in a simple, easy to
us system. In fact, it’s so easy to use, you’d swear that it was doing it
on its own (and for the most part, it can and it will). Our software even
has automated services that include billing reminders, email updates, and
payroll services.

But that’s really not all that we can do for you.

KwikCost software also watches your inventory for you, alerting you to when
the stock is getting low so that you reorder and keep customers from waiting
for their products and services.

So what are you going to do with all of this free time?

At KwikCost, we understand that you need to have time to start finding new
customers as well as maintain relationships with those that you already have
– but you can’t do this by being hunched over paperwork all the time.

We’ll even guarantee that our software will give you back your free time.
If you’re not completely satisfied with our services, you’ll get your money
back without question.

We at KwikCost want to make our customers happy, don’t you?