Use EZY Printcost Order Processing software to view or modify orders, with options available to view the current status and sales of the job in question, and to automatically invoice the jobs at any stage. The system can be set up to allow multiple jobs per invoice, or a separate invoice per job on a per customer basis

You can check the jobs prior to invoicing and correct any errors that may have delayed payment. Orders can be split into multiple parts with each part billed to a different client. Or you can compare the estimated prices to the actual prices prior to invoicing

Automatically Invoice Orders

Track Orders

Set the Price to Invoice a job

View Order Values

View job costing and Status

Keeping a tight rein on orders

Clever order processing is the key to efficient print management. Without a process in place orders can be lost, delivery times missed and invoices left outstanding – a disaster for any inplant printing facility trying to justify its presence. With EZY Printcost Order Processing software you can keep track of every order, view or modify jobs, compare estimated against actual prices, in fact you can perform all the vital tasks associated with efficient order processing. It really is that easy!

Product information

Get jobs into production faster

When entering the details of an order, a job bag is automatically created.  A job bag contains all the latest and relevant information for that order, the details of which can be made available on-line to all personnel involved in its production.  Changes to specifications can be made swiftly to avoid delays and ensure that the order is completed on time and to budget.

Easy to read job tickets

EZY Printcost allows you to choose from a wide variety of job bag layouts printed on a single sheet.  Colour printing can be used to highlight important elements of the job bag.  If a department has designed a layout that already works well them, a similar report can be created by you or by our programmers

Find and view selected jobs instantly

EZY Printcost can display jobs in any order or combination so that you need only view those orders that are relevant.  Simply select a job to view its contents – this can include production history and actual costing from the print room.

Keep track of rejected and cancelled jobs

Once an order has been created, other users can be prevented from deleting them.  EZY Printcost can enable deleted orders to be automatically stored in a reject folder.  This allows them to be copied and repeated to create a current job.  Records of deleted jobs can be kept so that staff are prevented from completing a job in their lunch hour, deleting it on completion and then pocketing the money.

Keep track of delivery dates

Completed orders due for delivery today, tomorrow or on any other date can be viewed on screen or via the report writer.  Keeping track of delivery times, and meeting them, is key to efficient print management.

Create a proofing history

Users can record the date when a job goes out for proofing, and when it’s due back.  You can monitor the job and prevent it getting lost in the system or, avoid letting one department keep the job for too long so that it requires urgent printing.  EZY Printcost’s history proofing allows you to record dates in and out, as well as keeping track of extra costs associated with late returns.

Report on work overdue

EZY Printcost allows you to quickly list jobs that are due imminently or are overdue, either on screen or on paper.  This function allows you to plan ahead to maybe gang together two jobs on one larger sheet to save press time.

Prepare daily work lists

Daily staff work rosters can be produced at the touch of a button.  Work can be planned and allocated to staff members and machines.  Daily work lists can be viewed on-screen or via printed reports.

Find and locate jobs instantly

EZY Printcost can locate jobs quickly with its unique easy-to-use multiple record searches.  Jobs can be sorted in any order on screen.

Adjust job details

A job can be simply adjusted to cater for changing information on job bags, or altering quantities and materials.

Monitor print and copier sales on a monthly basis

Daily, weekly or monthly sales can be viewed and monitored on one screen.  You can view jobs that have been completed or are on hold, and chase up jobs that are awaiting departmental approval or sign-off from another printer that is completing the job.  Inplant printing facilities can drastically improve their service by getting quotes out quicker, retrieving job status information instantly when requested, shipping completed orders immediately, and most importantly of all, keeping all relevant information in one place for accurate recharging.  With EZY Printcost you can reduce errors and wastage, re-runs and spoilage, thus increasing margins and providing a better service to your customers.

Marking a job as complete

A job can be marked as complete by a simple tick against the job; by entering the time sheets onto the system; by adding completion dates; or by entering actual costs.  EZY Printcost is flexible enough to accommodate whatever action your inplant facility uses to represent the completion of a job.

Archive jobs

Completed jobs are archived for easy retrieval.  Past orders can be quickly repeated to create a job, to which the latest rates can be easily applied.  EZY Printcost can search tens of thousands of jobs, in seconds.

Avoid delays in recharging Marking a job as complete

All jobs can be checked prior to recharging in order to correct any errors that might otherwise cause delays in payment.  Orders can be split into multiple parts with each part charged to a different client.  Comparisons of estimated prices can be made against actual costs prior to recharging.

Create sub jobs for recharging part of a job to multiple clients

Often a single job requires billing and delivery to many different locations.  Instead of multiple job bags, you can create multiple instances of the job in the system for recharging.  Multiple sub jobs for delivery and billing can be created to show up at the point of recharging, but which don’t come into the list of work required.

Automatic bulk recharging of jobs

EZY Printcost is flexible enough to store all completed jobs for one customer together.  At the end of the month the user can click ‘Invoice’ (?), for the entire month’s work to be grouped and billed together.

Compare estimates to actual costs

When jobs are entered onto the system they are automatically estimated.  With the help of information on time sheets users are able to compare estimated with actual costs, and if necessary correct the final price.  Costing information per job can be viewed on one easy-to-read screen.