EZY Printcost Stock Management software is an easy to use materials management tool for printers, giving effective control over raw material items such as paper, ink and plates. It is a flexible, low-cost tool which will help clear out dead lines and rid you of those mounds of half-used reams of paper

It keeps track of every receipt, withdrawal, return and adjustment, and provides reports of items according to supplier, out-of-stock lines and usage

1) Reduced stock Levels

2) Reduce and monitor Wastage

3) Set minimum levels

4) Just in time Stock

Put an end to printing stock management stress! Let Ultimate Order be your affordable print management solution. Just sit back and enjoy the results!

Poor stock management means a poorly run business. Imagine how a customer will feel if you cannot provide the printing services that they need?
This can be avoided in a simple and affordable print management solution!
EZY PrintCosts inventory module is designed to monitor company wastage, managing waste control and assisting with appropriate stock purchasing. EZY PrintCost’s inventory software is the essential management tool for print stock management.

Still worried?

Look what Pink Printshop's stock module can do for your business:

• Save yourself having to shut down your operation while you order more stock
• Match the stock you need with each supplier
• Ensure that your suppliers continue to effectively meet your requirements.
• Save your plant time
• Reduce your wastage

Explaining your lack of stock to a customer is embarrassing and costly enough, but having too much stock that isn't getting used is also bad for business.

Stop the waste right now!

EZY PrintCost's inventory software can do for you.

Effective, affordable materials management for print shops.

The inventory softwareis an easy to use materials management tool for printers, giving effective control over raw materials – paper, ink and plates.

Know your business – Monitor your stock levels and save money!

You can set minimum stock levels with EZY PrintCost. The inventory software will warn you if your stock falls below your personally created setting. You will also be able to view stock when creating a job, including customer owned stock. running short.

Save Time-Print blanks for overprinting later

With EZY PrintCost, you can keep records of business cards, compliment slips and letterheads. You just need to configure the software to prompt you with reprint reminders when you're running short. It's really that easy!

Manage your print orders with Stock input lists!

If you really want to monitor your daily activities and how you can improve them, stock Input will help you! You can easily list all stock inputs, whether received or issued with EZY PrintCost. Records all of your stock orders and receipts for easy tracking of stock movement. And stock supplies are automatically updated, allowing you to generate up to the minute stock reports.

Not got a head for figures? Supplier reference number display option makes stock control a dream.
Supplier reference numbers can be entered right on the EZY PrintCost stock screen for easy and effortless paper ordering. Both stock codes and the suppliers stock codes can be displayed to stop ordering and receiving errors.

Have I counted wrong? Simple! Adjust and update stock levels in the computer to suit your needs.

When your shelf stock doesn't match your computer records, you can simply use EZY PrintCost to print a list of available stock for easy comparison with shelf levels. You can change the numbers to match your new levels, as well as note where you had discrepancies.

How easy can it get?

Keep it detailed! list of all your materials in stock

Create categories of different materials and papers, which always help to make paper and material lists easier to view. You can sort your materials to view them on screen or in a report format. You can also access all of your stock information from one simple, completely updateable screen.

Know what’s what: Keep Supplier details against your materials

You can also set Pink Printshop to automatically match a supplier with the materials needed by simply entering that supplier's details with your stock records. The easy to use software will search your supplier’s folder, placing all details on your purchase orders.

By using Pink Printshop's performance indicators, you will be able to easily monitor each supplier's performance too.

Its all in the numbers – Display material costs

The cost of all materials is automatically displayed as you create a job. You simply can store multiple discounted rates per item and the correct quantity rate will be displayed when you enter a job.

Simple, effective integration between orders, purchasing and costing modules

You can also merge stock purchasing with jobs scheduled. Each time a print order is created, EZY PrintCost will automatically check to make sure that sufficient stock is available.

If you are low on stock, you will be prompted to reorder.

Saving waste and time! Reduce your stock levels

The Pink Printshop inventory feature allows you to order just enough paper for the job. This function reduces the amount of unused stock, prints stock lists and matches to customer orders for easy allocation of leftover stock.

Make complicatited pricing easy with Matrix pricing


With EZY PrintCost‘s pricing matrix feature, you can enter multiple prices per product! You can even add up to 15 rates per product, charge rates dependent on job quantity, and enter specific prices for individual customers.

Manage your Finished goods and form stocks

With EZY PrintCost, you can manage your finished goods or standard forms. Your customers have the option to order forms via paper purchase orders or the Internet. And you can create price lists of your products that customers can easily select from and order.

Fuss free planning-hold customer stock for later call-off

EZY PrintCost allows you to create print orders in bulk and hold them for delivery to your clients.

You will then be able to invoice customers for the full or partial quantity with ease.

Manage your in-house form stock, including distribution and printing

You can create forms as you would create a stock item. These forms can be used either in the factory to create print orders or through the invoicing and inventory modules for managing issues of standard forms. For forms that are printed and then called off, you can set minimum reprint levels and automatically create print requisitions when you run short.

Do you know where you’re going? Movement history

Accurate information on your stock movement is vital to efficient inventory and ordering. With EZY PrintCost you can easily view stock movement either onscreen or via reports. You can decide whether purchases and invoices are helping stock use or are adding to wastage in the factory.

You can also view the dates the goods were ordered, the dates used or invoiced as well as information on the suppliers, quantities and delivery details.

Down to the last few pennies – Track every purchase, receipt or stock issue

With Pink Printshop, you can keep track of every receipt, withdrawal, return and adjustment, and provides reports of items according to supplier, out-of-stock lines and usage.

See how easy print stock management can be?

What do you really have back there? Value your Stock!

Using EZY PrintCost gives your business continual onscreen valuation as stock is purchased and issued. From time to time, you will also want to do a physical stock check to make sure that the actual stocks and computer stocks match. By printing a valuation report and physically updating it, you will be able to simply update the PC with the latest stock levels and print an exception report to show any discrepancies.

Knowing what’s in stock

Without an efficient stock management process the factory floor can become a cluttered nightmare, with staff unable to find the right materials for the job and your bottom line seriously dented by wastage, idle machines and general lack of control.  Kwikcopy’s Stock Management software is an effective materials management tool for all print shops.  It gives complete control over raw materials such as paper, ink and plates, and it helps to clear out dead lines and rid you of those half-used reams of paper. 

Product information

Movement history

Accurate information on the movement of stock is vital to efficient stock management and procurement.  EZY Printcost enables you to view all the information on one screen, or as a report.  This includes the dates that goods were ordered, the dates they were used or invoiced, plus any necessary information relating to the suppliers of those goods, the quantities and the delivery details.

Accurate control of raw materials

The largest area of wastage is paper, very often with piles of it taking up vital space on the factory floor.  With EZY Printcost’s stock management system, businesses can rid themselves of excess stock and prevent the problem occurring again in the future.

Track every purchase, receipt or stock issue

EZY Printcost keeps track of every receipt, withdrawal, return and adjustment.  It provides reports on items according to supplier, out-of-stock line and usage.

Stock valuation

As stock is purchased and issued, EZY Printcost provides a continual valuation on-screen.  Sound stock management periodically requires a physical stock check to align actual stock quantities with the figures on screen.  Simply print off a valuation report and update it as you walk the floor, enter the latest stock levels onto the system and print off an exception report showing any discrepancies.

Monitor wastage

With EZY Printcost you can set pre-determined waste percentages and setup sheets for each machine.  If any additional sheets are issued or any sheet returned unused, the system records the information, and produces a report based on comparisons between estimated and actual wastage.  This feature can be used to monitor which jobs, machines or staff are performing to targets against those that are not.

Hold supplier details against stock items

EZY Printcost is flexible enough to keep supplier details against each stock item.  This saves time when a purchase order is created as the system prompts the user with details of the supplier.  Alternatively, when a supplier’s name is entered on a purchase order, the system can prompt the user with a list of goods previously ordered.

Multiple prices per item

Multiple prices can be held against a single stock item.  A matrix of discount rates can be linked to an individual product, allowing you to create unique prices for individual customers, offer discounts or even surcharges.  EZY Printcost gives you full control over one of the most important aspects of a print business – pricing!

Quick price updates

EZY Printcost can easily update any number of products in bulk.  From thousands of products you can select the relevant items and add their associated price updates at the touch of a button.

Discover which products are used the most

The flexibility of EZY Printcost allows you to find out which goods are used the most, which ones are more frequently invoiced or more importantly, which are most profitable.  The information is consequently at you finger tips at the vital time when suppliers offer those special deals.

Set minimum levels

EZY Printcost can recognise minimum stocks levels so that you are prompted to re-order when those levels have been reached.  If the item in question requires re-purchasing, you will be prompted to do just that.  If the item is manufactured in-house a work order will be raised.

Discount % on stock prices when purchasing goods

When purchasing goods you can enter either a discount percentage, or alternatively EZY Printcost can be set up to use a specific rate once a higher quantity has been reached.

Rid yourself of excess materials

With stock level information and likely future material usage all at your fingertips, you can easily access jobs that could be re-ordered in the future, encourage your customer to place the order and keep your stock levels down.  Keep your stock levels down or alternatively make bulk purchases to make use of good discounts.

Online purchasing

EZY Printcost can be seamlessly link to you MIS software so that you can place orders directly with suppliers, either by fax, e-mail or via the internet.  Favoured or regular suppliers can be given access so that they can notify delivery dates, delays or shortages, or any excess charges.

Finished goods

Finished goods can be recorded and held on-site.  As they are called off and a minimum stock level reached, they can re-order or manufactured in ample time.  Goods can be held and invoiced to the client in bulk, or they can be billed as the stock is called off and delivered.  The system is that flexible.

Why purchase Pink Printshop's inventory module?

• Monitor your plant's print quality
• Assess supplier performance
• Control user access
• Use fixed price calculations from templates you define
• Create jobs in seconds using predefined templates
• Reduce stock wastage
• Manage and order stock while completing jobs
• Maintain forms stock for easy customer cancellations
• Assign different pricing structures to each form
• Record sequence numbers for repeat jobs
• Force fixed delivery days on a form
• Issue partial receipts for stock
• Provide duplicate forms for any client in the system
• Issue, invoice or hold forms from stock
• Automatic user prompts for form reruns
• Separate, sort and view stock lists from one screen
• Easy blank printing reminders
• Monitor and adjust all material costs
• Easy creation of product price lists
• Instant matching of supplier to stock required