EZY Printcost is the print estimating, billing and management software that is making printers everywhere faster, smarter and more efficient. They know they can count on it because it delivers a wealth of advantages across their business.

Every aspect of the production process, from estimates and printing through to delivery and accounting is now seamlessly integrated in one easy-to-use software package.

EZY Printcost speeds up the repetitive yet critical task of job estimating, simplifies the complexities of accurate stock management, and maximises the productivity of the final billing process.

But don’t just take our word for it …

“Investing in EZY Printcost is like employing another member of staff. It does a lot of the work for me – but it never needs a day off.” Name & Company

  • > EZY Printcost links together all parts of your business
  • > Separate modules work together smoothly
  • > Simple to set up and easy to use
  • > Links with your accounting software
  • > For print shops both large and small
  • > Applications tailored to your market sector

Now you can discover the same advantages

While we’re offering a discount on EZY Printcost, we’re not discounting any of the features that have made it so popular with printers large and small.

You’ll be up and running in minutes with the software package that’s easy to learn yet gives you a wealth of advanced features.

You’ll save time, trouble and effort with one main entry screen giving you all the info you need in a logical, easy to follow format.

You’ll create repeat orders in seconds because once client data is entered it is available across the whole package.

You’ll be able to offer clients an online estimating facility that puts the power in their hands – and lowers the business cost.

You’ll upgrade your company image with professional reports e-mailed directly from your desktop.

You’ll create new jobs in less than a minute, 10 min comparative with other software – imagine how much time that can add to your day.

Trust in the software developed by printers for printers

By combining print industry experience with software expertise, Kwikcost has designed a powerful MIS tool that delivers all the information any printer could demand.

Kwikcost can handle all of your estimates, quotes, job bags and stock management with a series of modules that link together seamlessly – and link through to your accounting software. So you can put all of your information in and get valuable, usable information out. Easily and quickly.

Save 25% on EZY Printcost if you order it by 31 May.

Even at the full retail price, EZY Printcost saves you money with easy upgrades and a cost that is actually lower than the annual support charges of other software. At the discounted price, you’ll gain a powerful MIS tool that can deliver all the information your business demands.

You have nothing to lose – and everything to gain – because EZY Printcost will reduce your costs and improve your customer service.

So what are you waiting for? Order and download your copy of EZY Printcost right now and you’ll receive an instant 25% discount. If you’re still not convinced, try our online demo and see before you buy. And if you’d like to read more about it, please click here, because the more you read, the more you’ll understand why EZY Printcost is fast becoming the favourite of the print business.